UncoverBugs Insights

What is UncoverBugs Insights?

Answer: UncoverBugs Insights is a platform for getting customer experience feedback of client’s websites and mobile apps. Client gets video screenshots of target people or UX expert speaking their thoughts as they complete tasks you specify.

What is UserTesting?
UncoverBugs insights is a platform for getting rapid customer feedback on almost any customer experience you can imagine, including websites, mobile apps, prototypes, and real world experiences. You’ll receive audio and video recordings of real people from your target market speaking their thoughts as they complete tasks you specify.

Using this service, you can:

  • Explore people’s attitudes, preferences, and opinions
  • Recognize pain points in your customer experience
  • Learn what your customers are thinking
  • Validate design assumptions before putting it on your app
  • Help stakeholders to make improvements

Who is UncoverBugs Insights for?

Answer: Anyone who takes customer experience seriously, including UX teams, E-commerce engineering team, product managers, marketing people and front-end designers.

How to get the most value out of your UncoverBugs Insights videos?

Answer: Your customers will most likely not spend a lot of time articulating a specific problem to solve. Client or UncoverBugs UX expert can analyze the feedback by identifying patterns. Collect videos from at least 5 individuals and identify pain points to be able to identify overarching problems that can be solved.

Check all the videos while taking notes along the way. This is a great exercise to collaborate with the entire engineering team to watch the videos together. Watch as everyone has their eyes opened and gets really into the learning phase about your users. It can be agonizing, but the exercise will surely improve end-user experience.

When you have identified the overarching problem, you can dig into sections of the videos in more detail after.

How UncoverBugs Insights works?

Answer: First, we will need some info to get started.

Step 1 Send us URL of the website or app you want us to scrutinize.

Step 2 Provide us sample task you want users to perform and any questions you want to ask users. Alternatively, we can do this for you if you order PRO Package.

Step 3 Let us know how many users you want to participate in the experiment and their demographics. Alternatively, you may want an UncoverBugs UX expert to do the exercise instead.

Step 4 Participating users will install a Chrome extension that will allow users to record their voice, video screenshots and even their facial movement and save it as a video file.

Step 5 We will provide you videos of users navigating your website/app while speaking their thoughts and answering questions you’ve provided to us. We will also summarize pain points and should you need an in-house UX expert, we can also provide suggestions.

How quickly will I receive results?

Answer: Response time can vary depending on the time of day when you order, and tests can take longer if you request users with very specific demographic requirements but we promise results within 24 hours.

If you’re working with our professional UX team to run your experiment, the turnaround time from your first meeting to the final report is 1 week, and more complex studies can take longer.”

To avail of this service, please contact us.