testerSenior Software Testers

Job description
Fully qualified individual contributor with a proven ability to apply technical operational knowledge and skill to a range of unique business problems. Able to put in practice good coding standards and promote them within the team. Normally receives little instruction on day-to-day work and general instructions on new assignments.

Scrubs any issue in their product area, consistently figuring out steps to reproduce in a test account based on steps to reproduce in a customer account.
Proficient at filing new issues in their product area and related product areas from error DB searches. Learning to find errors caused by injections from new code versions or customer upgrades.
Writes and executes test plans for most moderate to complex features in their product area, requiring up to many weeks of testing.
Executes, maintains, and reviews the results of existing automated tests, filing issues, and fixing tests as necessary. Creates automated tests for new features, or to improve code coverage, which are reviewed by a more senior QA engineer.

Minimum Qualifications:
Able to read and write moderate to complex SQL queries required to diagnose many problems in their product area.
Uses Java to develop automated SuiteScript tests, or uses the Selenium Framework when browser testing is required.
Typically requires a minimum of 5 years of related work experience with a Bachelor’s degree; or 3 years with Master’s degree, PhD without work experience; or equivalent work experience. 6 to 10 years of relevant work experience.

Experience: 4 – 10