Sammy De Leon Deleña

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An experienced I.T professional who’s born, raised and lives in the Philippines, Sam has been in software testing industry for over a decade and has even started his own web development venture called ZifaWebSolutions as proprietor, making E-commerce solutions to small-medium-enterprise in the country. His desire to make software testing as a major priority software development companies pushed him to start his own software testing service called UncoverBugs – the Philippine’s first crowdsourced testing platform.

UncoverBugs is very young startup but with over a thousand professional testers in stand-by to help companies identify critical bugs and get immediate feedback before their app reaches market with the use of professional testers around the Philippines . In the past, he’s also busy making e-commerce solutions for ZifaWebSolutions and also does free software testing in the sideline to give back to the community. He graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Diploma in Business Administration and 56 MBA units from De La Salle University-Dasmarinas.

Sam lives software testing. For years, he’s tested several web apps, enterprise apps, mobile apps and even games. He enjoys testing for free some startups he fancies at Start Up PH FB group.

In his free time, Sam likes to run, listen to classical music and read books, a lot. Away from I.T world. he’s a budding chef who hopes to start his own restaurant business in the distant future.

If he’s not testing apps, you can find Sam drinking his favourite McDonalds coffee while reading books.